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Hi, I’m Garth Dickinson owner of HG Dickinson Fine Homebuilding. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and what we do.

At HG Dickinson we are focused on building the highest quality homes. Whether it’s our outstanding site work and water management, or our custom carpentry and finishing, we excel in our process and the difference in our product is notable!

With decades of quality builder management and expertise, we get the job done correctly, all while offering the personalized attention and customer service you need.

Experience a Better Way to Build your New Lake George Home

Smoother Permitting

HG Dickinson GrandfatherI grew up locally in Lake George, my family having been here for generations. In fact when the million dollar beach was completed in 1951, my Grandfather was Mayor of Lake George. He and his friend Governor Dewey can be shown here at the ribbon cutting! My family continues to play a role in local politics, my father has been Town Supervisor of Lake George for many years now. He also owns and operates, along with my brother, the foremost surveying and engineering firm in the area, founded in 1969. This means that not only do they offer some of the most successful stormwater management and engineering work in the area, they have also been pulling permits since before the Adirondack Park Agency even existed! I can’t emphasize enough how important this service is. The last thing you want to do is stress over a permit or suffer lengthy delays on your new build. Navigating through the many agencies involved in the permitting process can be confusing. We can offer the smoothest, least stressful experience, saving you both time and money.

Getting Started

As I grew, I watched and learned how wooded lots went from harsh unbuildable environments to well drained homesteads, learning early on, how subs and contractors worked together with engineers and outside agencies, to bring a project together. Most builders underestimate both the scope and value of site work, neglecting one of the most important first steps, setting you up for years of potential problems. We understand this and provide you with a quality site right from the start.

With such a strong childhood background and fond memories, I stayed involved in the building industry through to my college years. At the age of 21, I had just started my Veterinary medicine classes at CSU. As I was sitting through a mandatory philosophy class pondering my existence,  I watched the construction workers across the street struggling to frame a roof.  Arising from my seat I proclaimed that I had found my true destiny and promptly excused myself from class. In less than twenty minutes my view of that classroom, from the roof on which I now stood, was greatly improved!


I continued to build in Fort Collins for some time, before moving to San Diego California and then again to the Oregon coast. I took the mandatory classes and testing to obtain a builders license in each state, earning top scores on all of my exams. While out west I learned how to build homes that could withstand hurricane force winds. I built homes and schools on the San Andreas fault line that can withstand the shaking of the ground, homes in Oregon that get hit with rain and eighty mile an hour winds for months on end without leaking a drop. All of these homes were built with traditional materials, the same materials used to build an inferior house when not properly applied. What does this mean for you in the end beyond security? Comfort, longevity, ease of maintenance and most importantly no wind or water leaks, leaving you warm and free of the hazards from mold and rot.

Our Commitment to Home Building in Lake George

Aside from an obsession, for detail and beauty in a home, we pride ourselves on how we run our business. As I already mentioned I have extensive time in the field. I have spent many hours elbow to elbow with top professionals working out problems in design and management. I have seen how the best companies were run and unfortunately, how so many more “custom” builders failed, some for lack of empathy while others tried there hardest. If you want to truly build custom homes of fine quality, you have to stay committed to your client. You have to stay personalized. This means that four people in an office who aren’t you cannot do your job. This is why we stay committed and build only one to two homes a year. When my clients call I answer. We are much more efficient because of this and pride ourselves on our personal attention to each project. We can literally cut months out of your build time while increasing quality and value!

Warranty and Caretaker Services

I only hire top quality Subcontractors, there is no truer example of pay-less get less than there is in the construction industry! In fact I have known most of my subs my entire life, there reputation is my reputation. We live here and love this area as much as you do. We will be around for years to come, and will assist with any warranty work or future projects. I truly feel you will enjoy your experience with us, as well as your new home for many years to come!


“Thanks Garth! Everything looks amazing! Way exceeded my expectations. Pleasure to work with you!”

– Kyle M

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